Spin Cycle

by Doktor Kif

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Antiwar, anti banking-crisis protest song replete with the sounds of a desolate post-apocalypse wasteland...

...and (just slightly) of "Puzzling Evidence" by Talking Heads from their movie "True Stories".


All the world's volatile situations
are always kicked off by 'mister' politician

Now all we're hearing about is your venereal disease
...just try to keep it in your pants if you please.

The truth they will always dilute - or pollute -
because we "cannot handle the truth"

If you want proof you've got to wait thirty years
and get a lawsuit... seriously now I am in hot pursuit

Freedom of information? They all a scream and a shout
They don't want us to find a single thing out

They know we've got short attention spans
They do a song and a dance and the truth has no chance

It is the spin cycle, such a vicious circle
Spin cycle... and we are all the spin disciples

Our banks tanked - gee, thanks!
Home's not my own, can't get no loan
Those parasites took all our money home

Couldn't afford to go short, of all sorts to snort
And for horse, whores and heehaws

Come off it! You don't need all that profit
Just one bit of it could benefit
Each community
All communities...
With ease
Instead you're giving us...

Protraction... Lies about lies
Them trick ya, prick ya. stick ya, guilt trip ya...
Mislead, make you bleed

Put all that bull out of your head - know the truth instead.

Cos all us hard-working folks cannot do our job
With constant interference from some government nob-
-lesse oblige and a phony liar's winning grin
And the spin cycle starts, all over again

Oh no! He said, she said!
Distraction all of the time
And all the time is concealed the true crime

Only lies and distractions getting all the airtime
Meantime - millions suffering and dying.

It's the war cycle, that's the vicious circle
For your survival - BUY ALL OUR ARMS
Wipe out ALL of your rivals!

Guns don't kill people, people kill people
So, let's just ban people
Don't be sheeple, treat one another equal
...disbelieve all the evil

Only once we STOP making one another bleed
Will we finally all be free

...you see
It is the life cycle
That's so very vital
For our survival

Murder and Torture
are not even


released June 18, 2010
Words and music written and performed by Kif



all rights reserved


Doktor Kif Cardiff, UK

Alien electronica for the space-age

Bringing soundtrack-level production to weird fusions of breakbeat, techno, samba & synth-rock and subverting a different genre with each new release, the music of Doktor Kif is at the very least... different

Blasting Music, 2008 (squelchy-acid techno)

Suspended Animation, 2010 (ambient, ambulant and somnambulant)

Through the Wormhole SOON (eclectic sounds)
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